Monday, August 15, 2011

There is something about spending some time on the river that soothes the soul, even with the kids humming Mario Brothers tunes & racing back and forth for who is in first place. Something about it has always calmed me. I know a lot of people think "yuck, the Colorado" but when I am in it or on it I see beauty all around me.It's a fluid environment, literally and figuratively speaking. It is constantly changing, banks being edged out into rock, roots being washed away, sand and rock trading places below.

Why would change be so comforting? I can only guess, because it is natural in this form. Nothing is pressed or forced, it is just a gradual change. Is that why we stay so distressed? Are we trying to force ourselves to quickly to take on new things or rid ourselves of old ones? Most say life is short, maybe that is why we feel we are in such a rush to accomplish so much. Well, bad news, the more you rush the shorter your life is. Rushing things makes time FLY by. Just try it. Rush yourself for a day and see how the time passes as opposed to just being active & not rushing.

When rivers RUSH, things change quickly - trees fall down, structures are removed & things are destroyed. But floods are a natural process as well. Maybe we need those quick bursts of destruction. Who knows, just my thoughts for the moment...

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