Sunday, August 14, 2011

NO NO Spanking

Church was wonderful today. It was on the scripture saying we were created in Christ Jesus for good works. So my Pastor broke it down to we were created for work (he wasn't speaking of salvation through works, just that we find our fulfillment in working). The meaning of life all wrapped up in one little phrase from one little book; and so simply!  So, maybe there was more to it than that but I really enjoy entertaining the thought that my whole life's purpose can be fulfilled just by doing good works...and yes, I'm sure those good works include spanking children occasionally and not just healing the sick.

I am blessed to call my own the most stubborn, strong willed little girl I have ever met! I tell her "Don't tell me no", and spank her. She looks at me and tells me "NO NO SPANKING!" For not even being two I must hand it to her that she is very brave. Now I know, I was just the sweetest little girl so I couldn't possibly be getting paid back for my childhood. It must be from my husbands side. ;) 

Even after all of that I look at her and feel completely blessed and grateful she is mine. I have to discipline her and train her in the way she should go but it is only done because I love her with all my heart. I am so happy that God is our Father. I love that no matter how spoiled rotten, back talking, fit throwing, & ungrateful we are He still looks at us with the same feeling any Father looks at his children with - I love you. I could have NEVER grasped that without having my own children. I'm sure many can, but to have a daily real life visualization of how much God loves us even when we are brats, it took kids for me. So that's it everyone start having babies so you can get a grip on how much God loves you!

 (I am completely joking about that last sentence so don't go suing me for child support for these kids I told you to have! lol)

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