Sunday, August 21, 2011

One of THOSE Days

My day started with children crying & gold fish crackers all over the place on top of the numerous messes. By 10 I had already had to holler numerous times & spankings would have been soon following had I not been so upset. The middle baby cried until we left @ 1. By noon I had decided I wasn't gonna make it through the day &  I would likely have an aneurysm soon. (This was shortly after I flooded my kitchen while filling up a pail & tending to kids in another room. Not just a little flood - entire counter top, in the drawers, cabinets & floor, all the way into the dining room). I don't remember a morning quite so miserable in recent history.  Then the day got worse....

Gathered up clothes for a friend that lost her home to a fire. Dropped Orion of with his grandma and headed to a house warming party with the two little girls. After I got the baby down for a nap Danica had a hay day..with chips throwing them every where, then her juice throwing it everywhere. Stepping on Faith, throwing things, all while laughing at this new game she had come up with that she thought was so cute. Cut my finger while slicing a lime then gave up and decided I had a better chance of sanity at home. Loaded up girls, picked up Orion & Faith cried the entire way to drop clothes & half the way home. Got home put everyone down for a nap. Decided I needed a break so I went to vacuum the pool and got stung by a wasp.

Why did today seem like the end of the world? I know I've had worse days than this....maybe. 

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