Saturday, August 13, 2011

 My step son came back today and broke the news that he wants to move back in with his mom. Even with all the trials we faced with him moving here I am sad to hear the news. Who can blame him though. He comes home after a month and spends the entire first day back with not one but two fussy babies and a little boy that is not being his normal sweet self. It was a HUGE adjustment for him coming here with a bunch of little kids running around and almost no privacy from a home where he was usually home alone while his mom was working. His dad works a lot so there really is little time for them to be together. I'm hoping we can make the best of his last month here and he and his dad can get some good time in with each other. 

Everyone has a hard time with change. Sure some things may be better but usually along tags something at least as bad as what you are changing. I personally want to change back. I'd rather not try something new. I'd rather try something that works. It may be new to me, but I like to know that someone else has tried it and it works. I want to go all the way back to when things worked. Is there such a time or place? Before broken families and homeless children. Before women had to be men; because men were men. Before the constant distractions from tv, video games, and internet. Back where people actually knew people and not a profile. I want to be more than a profile. Maybe that's why I'm blogging.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that he wants to go back home. I have step-children who lived with us until they were 18 and then went to their mom's. We were lucky to have them as long as they did. I will pray for all of you during this time of new transitions.
    Going back "to when things worked" would be a dream! I want you to be more than a profile too! I'd love to meet you and my new little cousins one of these days! I haven't seen Daniel in almost 15 years. I miss him!!!

  2. Thanks for the prayers! We will take them! I'm sure all will be fine. I'd love to meet you too! Maybe sometime that can all be worked out :) We keep saying we're taking a vacation, but then along comes another little kid! lol.