Thursday, October 13, 2011

I just finished crying my eyes out and thanking God for these children. I don't deserve them. I can't believe He trusts me to raise them. They are so precious. It has been such an amazing journey watching them grow. There is still so much left to see. They change and learn daily. I am so excited to see what God has in store for their lives.

I was talking with my Mom about the Purpose Driven Life (by the way still on day 5). It speaks of taking your talents and all the things you are good at and like to do and using them to find your purpose. Well, I like to create things, organize, sing, write, teach, garden, clean, etc etc. I asked "How in the world am I supposed to take all those things and direct them at something?" She replied, "Sounds like all the things that you need to run a household."

So I guess I'm going to take this at face value for the moment and try to focus more on just that one thing running a household. I am constantly trying to go beyond this. Always trying to learn new things and try some new way to make money or do something to make a difference and so forth. Maybe for now I will just try to do well the tasks I've been assigned, work with what you've got kind of thing.

So many of us never see the fruits of our labor in the big picture. I may not see them either. But how many generations was there between Moses and Abraham? How many Mothers raised children only to raise their own children before the training was fulfilled in one person for God to use in the "big picture". Only time will tell.

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