Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Father-in-law just got into town for a while & my house is a wreck!!! I don't see how anyone with more than two kids EVER keeps a house clean. I take that back..If I rarely or never did anything I wanted to do for just me then maybe I could keep it half way straight. Does it really matter if its clean?

In my journey on this purpose driven life (I'm only on day 4 a month later) I have to now find purpose to continue doing, without conviction, all the things that I'm "supposed to do". Pick up toys, wash cloths, cook dinner...take a shower; it all seems rather pointless. 

I know this may sound crazy but, this creates a whole new problem for me. Now I feel like I must know WHY we mop. I know, to clean the floors, but WHY must the floors be clean? Why do I wash clothes? You only wore it once. Is it really dirty? And shower? WHY? If we don't stink WHY must it be done often. Its not that I enjoy dirty clothes, floors or people, but I now need to know what eternal purpose this holds. SO OF must be googled! Just one more thing to do until I can find a reason to not mop! 

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  1. Just FYI - My FIL is not the reason for the house being a mess. It just should have been clean before he got here! lol