Thursday, February 9, 2012

Helping Hands 2-7-12

Little Miss Grace has a way with helping. She LOVES to "help". Everything from cooking to feeding the animals to taking our trash. She is now in the "I do it" stage and accepts little help from anyone once she gets it in her head she wants to do something. I will give her a job while I'm cooking like putting the washed lettuce in the bag or putting seasonings in the food. So far shes done great. She can't stand for you to be doing something she isn't though. You start her on lettuce and she sees you cutting onions and immediately its "I do that"... she wants to try that instead.

 I'm always amazed at how much she picks up from watching. The other night I had dinner about ready in the oven and was changing the baby. I go into the dining room once I finish and she has everyone's places set with silverware and plates and pot holders on the table waiting for me to bring the food. How much a two year old can help is surprising to say the least! What a BLESSING! 

For the past 6 months or so we have cooked for the homeless ministry of our church. Well, it's mostly Dan but we all pitch in some...I'm usually the cleaner upper. :) Usually Dan will meet our Pastor in Austin and serve the food we've cooked. Orion went once several months ago and he loved it and was so happy to have the job of handing out water to people at the park. He HAS to go now, after all, it's his job. We had a schedule conflict a few weeks back and Grace ended up going along for the adventure with Dad and big brother. Now she's hooked too. Every week or two when it's time she gets all excited about going to feed the "homes". 

Today we did the usual prep and Grace was getting to go help all by herself since I needed Orion's help with Faith on our adventure to the Dr's office. There was a mix up and the Pastor wasn't going to be able to make it so it ended up being just Dan and Grace to serve 40-50 people lunch in the park. And of course she had to help. She got right in there with Dad and passed him plates and helped dish up food. He didn't have to say anything, she just kind of knew what to do.

So often I see her help as "help". It slows me down and makes a mess! But what a joy and privilege to watch when I slow myself down and appreciate it for what it is. A tiny sweet heart just wanting to do something for someone...and maybe craving a bit of attention for being the big girl she is.

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