Sunday, February 12, 2012

The End of the First of the Third Child's Injuries

Orion's Grandpa took him to the barber shop for a haircut. Once Orion's hair was done it was Papa's turn in the chair. The lady didn't do a really good job. She cut his side burns and around his ears REALLY high. As they were leaving Orion calls out, "Good thing they stopped Papa! You woulda been bald!"

What a week! After the insane amount of frustration and worry about Faith's head,  it is FINALLY over! I found ONE honest Doctor to tell us the truth and not let every decision and thing that came out of their mouth depend on policy. We went through one doctor, a radiologist, and a neurosurgeon (all of whom told us, "she looks OK but let me send you to so and so just to be sure") before we finally said forget it and got a second opinion from an unaffiliated Dr. which was the best decision in a while!

 It took the neurosurgeons office "policy" of calling CPS if we didn't agree to a CT Scan and full skeletal xray for us to do it. Why these people are willing to put a little baby who acts 100% normal without any evidence of injury through 101 tests to get to the same answer of "she's fine" is completely beyond me. So glad I found Dr. Capps at Lost Pines Family Medicine! He's a medical renegade apparently...he said "she's fine as long as there are no symptoms, definitely doesn't need a CT Scan and if CPS calls I'm happy to talk to them." .....WHAT?! You don't need me to pay you $4000 for a scan just to make sure you CYA?! You can just use your 10+ years of medical training? 

WOW! I have for certain found a new family doc. Anywho, I am very ready to get life back to normal around here. It's amazing what you don't get to keep up with when you have worry hanging over your head. I can't believe how far behind I can fall and how our schedules can become so quickly non-existent. But that's ok. After all your kid only gets a skull fracture once right? Lord I hope so! That's all I can take!

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